Outdoor Garden Games & Fun Swimming With Paddling

Outdoor Garden Games & Fun Swimming With Paddling

2017-07-17 18:59

Summer means fun and there? no place to have more fun than in your very own garden pool or paddling pools! A paddling pool is guaranteed to be a big hit with kids and their friends and is a great way to ensure they keep cool in the summer heat. Our most popular range of pools are the inflatable paddling pools, these pools are simple to setup and take literally minutes before they are ready for you to add the water, these pools are available in a range of sizes from modest 8ft diameters right up to giant 18ft diameter pools.

Our range of paddling pools consists of a large selection of paddling pools, whether you are looking for a pool suitable for a baby, toddler, children or adult pool, we have a pool to suit you.

To keep your pool in tip top condition year round, we recommend the use of paddling pool covers and ground sheets. We also stock additional accessories for your pool such as inflators, pumps, filters, ladders and heaters.

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We recommend that children are supervised at all times when playing in or near a paddling pool, for safety and hygiene reasons we recommend that the pool is emptied between uses.

The range includes traditional style rigid wall plastic paddling pools to giant above ground inflatable paddling pools, the closest and far cheaper alternative to a real family swimming pool in your garden! Why not treat your kids this summer?

Need something extra for your pool? All your pool accessory needs are sorted when you shop at CNMOnline, where you can not only get great prices on paddling and inflatable swimming pools, but cheap deals on all the accessories, too. You may also be interested in our range of paddling pools.

Buying a pool isn? the end of it, you?l also need to consider what accessories you want. Keeping your pool clean and maintained is really important which is why we sell a huge choice of pool maintenance and cleaning items such as chemical floaters and maintenance kits.

Another vital accessory for any pool, our choice of paddling pool covers are suitable for all kinds of pools and will help to keep your pool clean and fresh.

To keep your outdoor pool clean you should also purchase a pool cover. Whether you have a smaller paddling pool for the kids or a larger, semi-permanent pool then you need a pool cover to keep birds, insect and debris out of the water. Our range includes covers for smaller pools right up to large models.

If you have a larger permanent or semi-permanent swimming pool then a filter pump is absolute necessity, helping to reduce the effort required to keep your pool clean.

A filter pump is a great way to keep your pool clean and clear of debris, helping to remove sand and other contaminants. Our range includes a choice of pumps starting at really affordable prices, plus the filters necessary to keep them working efficiently.

There? no better way to get kids outside and enjoying the hot weather than with a paddling pool. Our pools don? just include tiny pools for young kids, though, we also have large more permanent pools that everyone can use, including adults! Our range also includes all the accessories you?l need such as cleaning chemicals, pumps, covers and even a range of inflatable toys.

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